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Demo-fly aircraft from the leading manufacturers

With the new location flight demonstrations are easily arranged, all day everyday. So if you’ve seen the aircraft you came for or are impressed by something new, then get yourself a demo flight with one of our participating exhibitors

Latest confirmed demo-flight exhibitors:

Exhibitor Aircraft
Absolute Aviation Breezer Aircraft
Aeros Flight Training Tecnam P2006 T, Robin HR2160i
Aura Aviation TBM 850
Aviat Aircraft Husky
Caseright Aviation Vulcanair, Aquila, SR20, SR22
Czech Sport Aircraft / Omega Aviation Sportcruiser
Czech Sport Aircraft / Omega Aviation Sportcruiser
Diamond Aircraft UK Ltd DA40, DA42, DV20
Escapade Aircraft Ltd The Kid
Flylight Airsports Ltd Nynja
GippsAero Pty Ltd G8 Airvan
Global Aviation & Piper Parts Meridian, Matrix, Archer, Arrow, Liberty XL2
Hawker Beechcraft Beech Baron G58, Bonanza G36
Lambert Aircraft Engineering Mission M106
Magni Gyros UK Ltd Gyrocopters (Gyro Village)
Mistral Aviation Robin 400 Diesel, Alpha 160 Ai
P&M Aviation CTSW, CTLS, MC
Performance Aviation Alpi Pioneer, Ikarus C42
Rotorsport UK Ltd Gyrocopters
S2T Aviation AT3
Swift TG Solutions Firefly, Bulldog, Motorglider, Trigear, Monowheel
Sloane Helicopters Ltd Robinson R44 & R66
Tecnam UK P2006 T
Demo Flights at AeroExpo UK
Demo Flights at AeroExpo UK
Demo Flights at AeroExpo UK
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