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TL Elektronic - Your Glass Cockpit Solution

TL Elektronic

TL Elektronic Inc. have confirmed that they will be exhibiting at AeroExpo Europe, part of Europe's Festival of Aviation at Pribram Airfield 28-30 May.

TL Elektronic Inc. was founded in 1995 and has developed more than 40 dedicated aircraft instruments. Their products include glass cockpit solution EFIS+EMS Integra with 3D terrain together with standard instruments for engine monitoring system, intercom, hourmeters, altimeters, accelerometer, flight position logger etc. for ultralight aircrafts and experimental.

Integra glass cockpit solution

EFIS & EMS Integra TL-6624 is a multifunctional system that monitors both your flight and engine. TL-6624 integrates all primary flight instruments and also includes navigation systems (HSI, CDI with connection to the popular Garmin SL-30) and worldwide 3-D terrain maps.

glass cockpit options

Flight Position Logger TL-6024

Flight Position Logger TL-6024 is a flight recorder of the aircraft position that enables you to record a track followed by an aircraft, altitude, ground speed, positions of intermediate landings and total flight time. The Flight Position Logger is suitable particularly for flight schools as it proofs the flight track, whether the planned landings were kept, their positions and total flight time for precise billing. These instruments will be used during the Ultralight Expedition Balkan 2010

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