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Demo Flights

Join the list of latest confirmed static display exhibitors.

The option of demonstration flights will be available to all exhibiting aircraft as often as you want throughout the event.

To arrange a demo flight with a potential customer just contact a member of our onsite team to organise a slot.

Latest Confirmed Static Exhibitors:

Manufacturer Aircraft Type
Aero AT AT 3 and/or AT 4
Aero - Kros sp z.o.o. MP-02 Czajka
AirLony Skylane
Aquila Aviation By Excellence Aquila A210
Cirrus o.k SR22
Aveko a.s. VL-3 SPRINT
DAHER Socata TBM 850
Direct Fly Alto
DSA a.s. Cessna Caravan, C-172
Evektor-Aerotechnik a.s. Eurostar, Sportstar
F-Air Ltd. Tecnam P2006 Twin, P2002 GR
P2002 Sierra, P92 Eco Super
Fascination s.r.o. Fascination F100, D4BK
Flying Machines FM250 Vampire, FM301 Stream
HBC Aviation King Air 350, Premier 1, Baron
Joker Trike Power Trikes
M&D Flugzeugbau GmbH Samburo
Mr Marchetti SIA Marchetti
Nisa Air s.r.o. Robinson R22 & R44
OK Light Aircraft WT9 Dynamic, CTSW
Piper o.k. Tbc
Rokoaero a.s. NG 4 LSA
Skyleader Aircraft 150 UL, 200 UL, 500 LSA
Waco Classic Aircraft 3-Place Open Cockpit Biplane
Willy Ader LTB. Maule MX7 160 & MX 180
Xtreme Air GmbH S Bach 300
Demo Flights at AeroExpo Europe
Demo Flights at AeroExpo Europe
Demo Flights at AeroExpo Europe
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